Wellness be NoidaMoms way of life. Well being brings fulfillment to lives as a whole. Wellness enhances our productive in all spheres of life:  home, work, relationships, etc. Wellness is not just limited to sickness. It has many dimensions. Join us to explore ways to a fulfilled life…

NoidaMoms Wellness Initiatives

Spreading Breast Cancer Awareness

  • NoidaMoms Pinkathon Promo run with Milind Soman to spread breast cancer awareness in Noida
  • NoidaMoms Nukkad Natak at Fortis PinkWalk with Kiran Bedi to spread cancer awareness in Noida
  • NoidaMoms Nukkad Natak at Festival of Hope, celebrating life with cancer survivors
  • NoidaMoms Nukkad Natak at Ramagya School spreading cancer awareness
  • NoidaMoms Founder Shruti Mittal appointed as Pink Ambassador for her work toward spreading cancer awareness by Delhi Turns Pink




NoidaMoms Resolution for Year 2015: Hit-2-Fit HealthFirst

NoidaMoms believes that moms are always busy taking care of family that they miss taking care of themselves often. And many small health issues become serious ailment by the time it is discovered. Hence NoidaMoms wants all moms to get themselves checked up as a first step. For this NoidaMoms has joined hands with Kailash Hospital – the best in its class to encourage moms on the path to wellness through regular health checkups and consultations.