Sambhav – NoidaMoms Social Initiative


Moms join hands together to give back to the society. We are thankful to our society for giving so much to each one of us and helping us stand up in the society today. We believe it is the responsibility of each one of us to give back to society according to our capacity.



NoidaMoms visited Saksham Blind School to spend time with special children and look into their lives more closely.  >>>>>>

Blind School



Sr Citizen Home


NoidaMoms visited Bhagwat Dham Old Age Home to spend time with senior citizens and bring smiles to their faces on Mothers Day!



Indian tribal art and craft is much-appreciated world over. However in reality it is under threat of extinction. A lot needs to be done to save and revive this art and craft form. So when Diksha, one of the members of NoidaMoms approached NoidaMoms for their support to these artisans in their learning of tribal art and craft, NoidaMoms extended their full support.

Tribal Art