NoidaMoms Health Club

Healthy lifestyle is the way of life at NoidaMoms. Wellbeing brings fulfillment to lives as a whole. Wellness enhances our productive in all spheres of life:  home, work, relationships, etc. If we do not enjoy good health, we can never be happy. Wellness is not just limited to sickness. It has many dimensions. Join us to explore ways to a fulfilled life…


NoidaMoms Health Club Initiatives


NoidaMoms + Kailash Healthcare Discount Cards for Moms

NoidaMoms under their wellness program “Fit-2-Hit: Health First” has joined hands with Kailash Hospital – the best in its class to encourage moms on the path to wellness through regular health checkups and consultations.Member Moms can avail –

1.  15% Discount on OPD consultation
2.  20% Discount on Investigations


NoidaMoms Lifestyle & Health Talk

Moms will talk and present;
1) How does Meditation & Yoga help?
2) Can your Bones fight Osteoporosis?
3) Is your Lifestyle Effecting your Psychological Health?
4) Mom & Kids Junoon Team performs to bring some of the burning issues on to our discussion table and much more…


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