NoidaMoms Entrepreneur Club has become one of the most effective platform for mompreneurs to connect and derive energies from. Objectives of this club is to empower the mompreneurs to lead through following:

NoidaMoms Initiatives for Entrepreneur Moms
Entrepreneur Moms Coffee Meet
Entrepreneur-Moms meet on a coffee to discuss, share and learn from each others experience. Key is that we all know a thing or two that we can share and in return carry back home some good friends and lots of good advice.
Smart Digital Moms
Ignoring power of Information Technology & Mobile in today’s world could hurt business. Whereas catching up with latest keeps you sharp and definitely adds value to your business. Choice is yours. Be a Smart Digital Moms by attending workshops by NoidaMoms. Smart Digital Moms workshops are designed keeping in view Mompreneurs and their businesses.

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