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Karna – The Unsung Hero Of The Mahabharata: Written in an engagingly flowing style, with an imaginative trans-creation of the epic story-line.  Read more…

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Umesh Chandra Kotru, a specialist in accounts and finance of the Government of India, retired in 2010 from Ministry of Power… Read more…

Do you know about Yayati?

“Yayati, one of the ancestors of the Kauravas and Pandavas was father of Puru and Yadu, who started the Puru and Yadu dynasties. He was cursed by Shukracharya to become prematurely old; deeply impacted by which he traded his old age with the youth of his son Puru. Eventually, having understood the futility of worldly pleasures, he returned the youth to his son, made him his successor and retired to forest for penance. He is believed to have ascended to heaven in human form.”


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Neelam Mehrotra: The book ‘Karna The Unsung Hero Of The Mahabharata’ is a homage to Karna who according to the authors Umesh Kotru and Ashutosh Zutshi, ‘comes across as the most evocative one ‘ from among  all the  characters of the epic .   We have all grown up reading, watching or listening to the fascinating stories of this epic. Never has Karna‘s character been so impressive and inspirational as brought out by the authors.

It has been written in an excellently flowing style and the inner turmoil of Karna has been brought out with a deep emotional touch. It is a blend of fact and fiction and is complete in itself to understand the entire epic.
Tremendous research has gone into writing a whole book on Karna. It is an exciting journey from his birth in secrecy to the day he gave up his mortal body and merged with the sun.

There is a lot of learning derived from the book, there are learnings on friendship “ A real friend will not only share your grief or turmoil but lessen  its impact. “  On class based discrimination a solution is offered  to Karna but applies to all “Work hard and convert your anger into the will to overcome the handicap of discrimination.”My favourite chapter is the conversation Surya has with Karna. “Life is a mixture of pleasure and pain which everyone is subjected to ………. Intelligence, sensitivity and happiness are rarely found together in the same person.”Surya warns Karna “Don’t expect people to praise your good qualities or achievements. Instead they will be prone to pounce on some superficial contradictions in your behavior and judge you vey harshly for them.

”Yes Karna had contradictions- it was his jealousy of Arjun who in any case was not responsible for the wrongs he suffered which led him to choose the wrong path. If only he had the spirit of forgiveness he would have been my Hero too. Personally he is more an anti-hero and not a role model a hero should be.


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