Feather On Our Cap

Written by Dr Shalini

Tattvam Girls

It was the day of 24th Aug, when our 11 beautiful married women showed their skills off to be a part of pristine Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2015 final contestants list and We are immensely proud to announce 7 has been selected for the pageant run in October at Myanmar.

These were women , we meet on our everyday walks of life who only had to realise the hidden potential and spark within them . They had to learn to celebrate the women in them and Tattvam World played the role of a smith in polishing these hidden gems to make them know their worths.

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2014 Dr Shivangi Maletia , our brand ambassador made it all possible by grooming  each contestant with precise detailing and personal attention , making them contest ready in a short duration of fortnight.

Our ladies gave a spectacular show filled with wows and goosebumps with their poised walks to talents . Mr Bhramar , MD at Shri Sai Entertainments who graced the event as one of the pristine judges   said – ” I have been to shows at every corner of this world but have never seen such a talent & confidence ” making us incredibly ecstatic .

Tattvam started off with a believe to make every woman feel empowered and with this successful event , we took a step ahead towards that goal.

Now the beautiful journey begins of priming and grooming our 7 contestants making them ever so confident to get the tiara with a panache .

Tattvam World would like to welcome each and every woman reading this for our amazing grooming sessions whether or not for any competition but for self gratitude and thanking your own self for being a woman. Let the celebration begins.

Feather On Our Cap

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