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Written by NoidaMoms young writer Vani Gupta

I have heard the name Malala many times and have always wondered that who is Malala? I read the book Malala which is a story on a Pakistani girl and then I decided to write a book review on that book for people who still wonder that who is Malala? Malala is a Pakistani girl and was born in Mingora and she lived in the valley of Swat and now in Birmingham, London. She started campaigning for girl’s education at a very early age and used to come on local TV for interviews. Her family was very supportive. Her father was the person who knew her the best, he was the one who encouraged and gave power to her to give interviews, go to school and campaign for girl’s education. He gave her hope and courage to find against the Taliban. Her mother always stood by her side and her brothers always reminded her that even though the whole world knows her, she is just their big sister. Malala is my role model and my favorite character in the book because she is so brave and courageous to fight against the Taliban. Despite all the fame she got, Malala never grew conceited, vain and she never forgot her customs, traditions and most importantly; who she is and from where does she belong. The part I liked the best was that even though Taliban shot her, she and her family didn’t get silent and continued campaigning and million other people joined them and spoke up. At the age of 16 she was invited to give a speech in New York, USA. And at the age of 17, Malala received the Nobel peace prize for fighting for girl’s education. It is a book which should be read by all because it tells you to never lose hope, have faith in yourself, have courage and be brave and most importantly always believe in your beliefs, no matter what.


Who is Malala?

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